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We provide fantastic fundraising ideas for schools with our full colour, school fundraising calendars. Our calendars for schools are easy to create and we sell them at an affordable price to ensure that you can achieve a high profit margin, raising those all-important extra funds. Although ideal as a primary or middle school fundraiser our calendars for schools are great for any fundraising idea you may have .


Your school fundraising calendars can help you raise money for school equipment such as computers, new books and play ground equipment.


With our calendars for schools you can potentially raise more than £900.00 with just one simple promotion.


For example - 250 A4 full colour school fundraising calendars only cost you £3.17 each (Price including VAT and Delivery) and you can sell them to parents at a price you think is suitable. If you sell your school fundraising calendar for £6.00 each you will make £707.50 for your school, if you sell them for £7.00 each you will make £957.50.


Calendar For Schools can help you raise those all important extra funds for your school so get creative and get involved. You can use your school fundraising calendars to display all your favourite photographs and add dates for special events throughout the year too, just add them in on the appropriate months.


If you are looking for an eye-catching way to help your school, look no further than Calendars For Schools. Our school fundraising calendars are unique, beautifully designed, personalised and  incorporate either twelve or thirteen of your favourite images. When you are looking for a fundraising idea for schools, our calendars for schools make the ideal tool for raising money.

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