Need some help getting started with your school fundraising calendar? See some examples of fundraising ideas for schools below and get creative!
Example School Calendars

Class Photographs
Create your calendar with class photographs, either as class groups, or arrange the children in the month of their birthday. Another great way to create your calendar is to theme each month, for example April dress children up in raincoats and umbrellas, Easter dress up as bunnies, August dress up in summer wear with buckets and spades.

Create your calendar using artwork why not get the children to draw self portraits. You can either scan the images and upload or send the images to us and we will scan and make  your calendar up for you. Best way to supply the images is to divide an A3 sheet of paper by however many portaits are going to appear in the month. Once the images are drawn stick them back onto another A3 sheet of paper and send the images to us for scanning, our maximum scan size is A3.
Another great way is to have a competition and the best paintings/artwork are used to create  your calendar, with the winning artists name added under each picture, again either scan the artwork or send the pictures to us for scanning.
However you decide to create your calendar, it is a fun and easy way to raise money for your school.