Children Holding Calendars

Our school fundraising calendars are an excellent fundraising idea for schools. Using your own images or artwork, parents will only be too happy to purchase and use them throughout the year making excellent gifts for grandparents and relatives alike. In the past, schools have sold their school fundraising calendars at a price between £4.00 and £7.00. How much you sell yours for is upto you.

It’s simple - The higher the selling price the more money you are going to make from your school fundraising calendars.

For example 250 A4 school fundraising calendars will only cost you £2.30 each + VAT and Delivery, sell them for £5.00 each and you will make £547.35 for your school. Sell  them for £6.50 each and you will make £922.35.

Fundraising Calendars Adverts

Make extra profit with a school fundraising calendars by having advertising space. The Calendar For Schools templates can be adjusted to allow for the adverts, all you have to do is sell this space to local businesses.

This fundraising idea for schools has in the past seen up to £30 charged  per advert, increasing your profits made with the school fundraising calendars.

If you’re interested in having personalised school fundraising calendars with advertising space, give Calendar For Schools a call on 01284 767575.